Department of Information Technology (DoIT)

The Technology Department is responsible for directing the Township's planning, development and implementation of all information technologies. The Director serves as the Chief Information Officer under the direction of the Township Administrator and provides advice and guidance to the Township's Mayor and Council in procuring resources, developing and implementing system standards and information access.

As the municipalities' technology leader we are responsible for maintaining the core IT infrastructure and systems that touch every aspect of the municipality—from public safety to human services, from education to economic development—crossing the full spectrum of all governmental operations.

Our goal is to:

  • Enhance and Improve Services to offer more comprehensive and timely technology implementations and improve processes.   
  • Work to Expand Strategic Role with Agencies to be more aligned with their needs and demands.   
  • Provide Robust Infrastructure to protect the Township’s technology, telecommunications, and information assets and maintain service operations.   
  • Optimize Township wide Technology Administration to improve IT procurement options and vendor accountability and save the Township cost and time.