Township Water Sampling- Lead Program


Lead can cause serious health problems if too much enters your body from drinking water or other sources. It can cause damage to the brain and kidneys, and can interfere with the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of your body. The greatest risk of lead exposure is to infants, young children and pregnant women. Scientists have linked the effects of lead on the brain with lowered IQ in children. Adults with kidney problems and high blood pressure can be affected by low levels of lead more than healthy adults. Lead is stored in the bones, and it can be released later in life. During pregnancy, the child receives lead from the mother’s bones, which may affect brain development. In other words, it is the fetus that is at risk because developing fetuses receive lead from the mother’s bones. Children and fetuses absorb more lead into their bodies than adults and are more susceptible to its effects on brain development; however, most children with elevated blood lead levels do not exhibit any symptoms, but effects may appear later in life.


The Township is currently in compliance with the EPA lead action level meaning that more than 90 percent of the samples we have taken are under 15 parts per billion. We are currently required to sample every six months. Also, sampling at your location, even if you provided a sample within the past six or twelve months allows us to verify that the township remains in compliance with the requirements of the EPA. The sampling data you provide is important to us in keeping our water safe and compliant.


The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and N.J. Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) require that the Bloomfield Water Department sample at sixty, Tier 1 or 3 locations every six months. Furthermore, the Bloomfield Water Department must make an effort to seek out those locations where lead service or supply lines (the pipe leading from the main in the street to your water meter) may be constructed of lead. These sites or buildings are classified as Tier 1 sites and should be sampled.

For information about general water advisories, lead sampling results, and important drinking water hazards information, please visit Bloomfield Township's Water Advisories & Info page here: