Senior Services

Bloomfield is home to a growing and diverse older adult population that shares the common desire to maintain their independence and live in the community for as long as possible. The Division of Human Services assists to link them with accessible, high-quality long-term services and develops and maintains comprehensive information about Bloomfield’s older adult population and their needs.

Benefit Screenings

Needs assessment: initial intake identifies needs of the resident: safety, mental health, housing, food insecurities, utilities, medical, health insurance, legal, and transportation.  

Upon determining residents’ needs, social workers identify available programs and assist clients in linking to resources by completing and submitting applications on their behalf, advocating for services when appropriate and providing case management for ongoing support.

While our social workers conduct benefit screenings for our senior residents as well, there is a more tailored process in place for working with this population, as the needs and resources available differ somewhat from those available for non-senior residents. 

A continuum of care model is utilized in working with Bloomfield’s senior population.  The goal of our program is to ensure that Bloomfield’s senior residents are safe, secure and have their needs met, while living independently in the community.  The following is a list of the programs that our social workers assist senior residents in applying for, keeping in mind that many have financial eligibility criteria.  Our social workers screen residents to identify which programs they would qualify for prior to applying.  These programs include, but are not limited to: 

Health Insurance/Programs

  • Medicare enrollment
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Medicaid programs
  • Programs that cover Medicare Parts B and D premium
  • Patient Assistant Program
  • Medication programs through manufacturer
  • Home health aide programs
  • Respite programs
  • Commission for the Blind
  • Charity Care
  • Eyeglass assistance programs
  • Dental clinics

Food Insecurities

  • SNAP (food stamp) benefits
  • Delivery of prepared foods for those residents who do not have the ability to cook through NTNN and Human Services Division 
  • NTNN, provide volunteer shoppers for senior and/or disabled residents to grocery shop and deliver groceries
  • Referrals to local food pantries


  • Ambulate programs
  • Medicaid transportation

Utility Assistance

  • PSE&G bill
  • Cell phones (low income criteria)
  • Oil assistance programs
  • Replacing boiler (low income criteria)
  • Landline phone assistance


  • Low income, senior housing
  • Assisted living, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities
  • Provide information and education on reverse mortgages
  • Senior tax freeze 
  • Limited security deposit/ rental assistance 


  • Linkage to welfare
  • Linkage to Coordinated Entry
  • Shelter referrals

Mental Health 

  • Mental health services through our clinic for residents without insurance
  • Referral and linkage to mental health services for residents with insurance
  • Medication management through Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner if receiving therapy at our clinic
  • Telehealth, office visits and in-home therapy for homebound seniors/disabled

Legal Services

  • Legal services of NJ
  • Community Health Law Project


At-Risk Older Adult Assessments

At times, our social workers encounter situations where a senior resident needs a higher level of care than what can be provided in the community.  In these instances, the social worker will assess the resident for orientation, risk vulnerability and the ability to care for themselves.  When a resident is deemed to be at risk, our social workers collaborate with the resident and family to secure the best possible outcome.  Our social workers assist the resident in the following ways: 

  • Gathering information on assisted living/nursing facilities that fall within financial capabilities
  • Assist with applications to Medicaid programs that assist with nursing home costs
  • Accompany resident to tour facilities and assist with application process
  • Assist resident with transition to facility