Helping our Community

Dedication to community is also an important part of being a Bloomfield Fire Department member. The Department along with the local Firemen's Mutual Benevolent Association (F.B.M.A.) work together to enhance our community.


Bloomfield's Firefighters volunteer some of their free time to support programs.

Aluminum Cans for Burned Children

Residents bring their used aluminum cans to the Fire Station located near them. The cans are placed in our trailer, and brought to a nearby recycling center. The funds collected from the sale of the cans are donated directly to the Saint Barnabas Burn Center. Thousands of dollars have been donated to the burn center with this program. This allows the Burn Center to purchase such items as the "Fire Safety House".

Trailer Full of Aluminum Cans

Fire Station Visits

The firehouse doors are always open for a 'tour'. These are generally scheduled when a large group is expected, such as a class trip, but many child has been given the opportunity to 'sit behind the wheel' of a fire engine when Mom and Dad, or Grandma and Grandpa bring them around for an impromptu visit.


The F.M.B.A. also sponsors a scholarship program to benefit graduates of Bloomfield Senior High School.

Educational Programs

The Department provides assorted educational programs to teach fire prevention to our community. Some of the various programs include:

  • Commercial Fire Prevention
  • Pre-K Fire Prevention
  • School Fire Prevention
  • Senior Fire Prevention
Fire Safety Demonstration