Yard Waste

Grass Clippings, Branches & Leaves

Under a new "Cut It and Leave It" program, the Township now encourages you to cut your grass and leave it on the lawn to help fertilize it and retain moisture. This process is also known as "Grasscycling", meaning a natural recycling of grass clippings.


  • It lowers your need to fertilize by up to 30%
  • It reduces the trucking and resulting fuel use and pollution for collecting the bags
  • The lawn stays healthier
  • Reasons to "grasscycle"
  • You no longer have to purchase and fill biodegradable bags for grass

For more information, visit the Grasscycling page.

Biodegradable Bag Collection

Township regulations require that brush, branches, yard rakings and other vegetative matter be placed in biodegradable bags only for collection by the Township. Pickups will be made on the same day as recycling pickups.

Leaves shall be placed in biodegradable bags only for curbside pickup by the Township during the periods of October 15 through December 31 and April 1 through May 15 of each year.

Biodegradable bags with leaves will not be picked up during the Winter months, January 1 though March 31. Instead, Christmas trees will be picked up in January and the repair of potholes and other work will be performed during this period.

Soft vegetative waste collection will resume in the Spring.


  • Landscapers are encouraged to grasscycle properly.
  • Landscapers are required to conform to the biodegradable bag regulations.