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Joseph Tiseo Ramp Park


  1. BMX Bike and Skateboard ramps and jumps
  2. Lighted Facility
All park users should be at least seven (7) years of age to use the park. Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult.

Monday – Sunday: Dusk – 10:00PM (with lights).  

Please read and follow the following rules and regulations. Failure to follow the rule may result in injury, expulsion from park, fines and/or prosecution.

  • Non-inline skates, scooters and motorized vehicles are not permitted in the park.
  • All users must wear a safety helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. All safety equipment must be securely fastened and worn per manufacturer's specifications.
  • All users must ride responsibly while exercising courtesy and common sense as to avoid any accidents or collisions with other users. 
  • Know your skill level and ride within your ability.
  • Bringing in personal equipment or modifying any existing equipment or apparatus is strictly prohibited. 
  • Do not store any items at the park.  The Township of Bloomfield is NOT responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • Smoking, drugs, alcohol, profanity, vandalism, graffiti, recklessness and/or disruptive behavior in the park area is prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion and possible prosecution (if applicable).
  • No glass, food or beverages are permitted inside the park. Please keep the park clean by using the appropriate garbage and recycling containers.
  • Spectators and pets are strictly prohibited inside the park.
  • Do not use the park when the equipment and/or surface is wet, icy or snow covered, damaged or otherwise deemed unsafe.  Users are responsible for inspecting all facility equipment and surfaces prior to engaging in activity to ensure that it is safe for use.   If you notice any unsafe conditions please report them immediately to (973) 743-9074 or email
  • Any participant using the park outside the designated park hours will be considered trespassing.   Violators will be prosecuted.
  • The Bloomfield Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs Department will make random park patrols to make sure all rules and regulations are being followed.
  • Report serious injuries or emergencies immediately by calling 911 or for non-emergencies call the Bloomfield Police Department at (973) 680-4141.

All persons utilizing the park are deemed to have knowledge that the Joseph Tiseo Ramp Park is a non-supervised activity site designed for intended use only, and that all use of the Joseph Tiseo Ramp Park is at the risk of the user.

All persons entering the Joseph Tiseo Ramp Park are deemed to have agreed to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Township of Bloomfield, its officers, employees, agents and volunteers for, 
from and against any accident, injury, including death, and/or loss of property or damage thereto sustained as a result of using the park.

COVID-19 Protocols

The Township of Bloomfield’s Joseph Tiseo Ramp Park has re-opened for a 30-day trial period. 
If the following protocols are followed the trial period may be extended beyond 30 days providing all social distancing guidelines and specific rules listed below are followed in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The Township of Bloomfield reserves the right to end the trial period early as well as add, delete or change any regulations regarding the municipal park system.

  1. Joseph Tiseo Ramp Park is open daily from dusk until 10:00PM (with lights).

  1. Ramp park users must wear a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.

  1. Maintain social distancing at all times (no closer than 6’ to any other participant). 

  1. Face coverings are required.

  1. No sharing of bikes, skateboards or sharing of safety equipment.

  1. Maximum of 24 people at a time.  Anyone within the ramp park must be actively engaged in a skating or biking activity.  No spectators are allowed.  No loitering.

  1. Whenever possible a limit of 2 people (socially distanced) should use a particular ramp or piece of equipment at a time.

  1. One hour maximum consecutive use time if the ramp park is at capacity (24 users).   If no one else is waiting you can continue to use the ramp park but are required to exit if someone else wishes to use the ramp park, when at capacity.  A total of 90 minute maximum use time per day.

  1. If you are waiting to participate do not congregate near ramp park entrance. Form a line, maintaining 6’ of social distancing.

  1. All ramp park users must clean up after themselves before leaving and recycle any water bottles, throw away garbage and properly dispose of personal protective equipment (face covering, gloves etc)

  1. If you or family members are displaying any symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay home.  If you have traveled to one of the restricted travel locations please self-quarantine and do not use the park until after your 14 day quarantine.
If you are vulnerable to COVID-19 or have any underlying health conditions, do not use the ramp park.