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August 5, 2022 4:31 PM

Cooling Center to Be Open in Bloomfield During Heat Wave

BLOOMFIELD, NJ – Mayor Michael Venezia has announced opening a town cooling center to help residents stay cool during the next few days as we experience a heat wave. The civic center at 84 Broad St. will remain open today, 08/05, until 9 pm and then on 08/06 and 08/07 from 9 am to 9 pm. Water bottles will be available on site. We will closely monitor the heat index to add additional days as needed.
“With temperatures expected to approach 100 degrees, it is not safe for anyone to be outside more than a few moments, and we are taking measures to ensure that individuals without shelter can cool off in the Civic Center during the hottest parts of the day,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “The National Weather Service recommends that residents stay indoors if possible when the sun is at its strongest and burns, and heat strokes are more likely to occur.”
All age groups are at risk for heat stroke. Residents are encouraged to take necessary precautions if they must be outdoors, including wearing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and staying adequately hydrated. The heat index will make the temperature reach 105 degrees on those days. Leaving a child or pet in a locked vehicle is not okay, even for a moment, as temperatures can rise quickly. It is also imperative to lock all parked cars so children cannot accidentally lock themselves inside while playing games like hiding and seek.
Residents can call the Bloomfield Police Department non-emergency number at (973) 680-4141 if they need accommodations such as transportation to the Civic Center or Police Department.

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