Bloomfield Municipal Youth Guidance Council (BMYGuidance)

Members: Chief George Ricci

Council Liaison: Honorable Councilwoman Sarah Cruz

Administrative Contact:  Assist. Admin/ IT Mr. Jean-guy R. Lauture, Sr.

What is the true meaning of mentoring?

The definition of mentoring is when someone shares their knowledge, skills, and experience with another person to help them to progress. So, if you've shared any knowledge, skills, or experience with another person or had another person share this with you, you've been involved in mentoring.

Higher Education & Careers

  • Kean University
  • Montclair State
  • Rutgers University
  • Other Colleges and Universities

Wellness Resources (Social Emotional Mental Physical Health

Work Opportunities/Resources

  • Working Papers
  • Resume Building and Reviews
  • Mock Interviews