Administrative Services supply the leadership and support for employees to accomplish their job duties. Services include:

  • Assurance that tools and vehicles are kept in good repair
  • Benefits information
  • Ensuring funds are available to accomplish the assigned tasks and objectives of the Department
  • Personnel record keeping


The Director provides leadership and vision for the Health Department, represents the Township in all matters concerning public health, and oversees the performance of all duties necessary to satisfy federal, state and local public health regulations. The Director answers to the Board of Health and acts as their Chief Executive Officer.


The Administrative staff performs the many tasks that keep the Department running efficiently. These include such functions as:

  • Accounting and budgeting
  • Community interaction and inter-governmental relations
  • Emergency disaster and evacuation planning
  • Grant and contract administration
  • Information technology
  • Personnel
  • Program planning
  • Record keeping and public information dissemination
  • Telephone and reception

Standards and Responsibilities 

The Health Department is governed by the Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey, NJ.A.C 8:52 and the "10 Essential Public Health Services."

Bloomfield Department of Health Management is responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of an operation that supports the performance of public health functions. Basic functions of Management include planning, organization, public health staffing, coordination and response, budgeting, and evaluation and reporting. As a nationally accredited health department, Management and leadership at Bloomfield Department of Health (BDH) ensures the National Public Health Accreditation Board’s standards and measures are fulfilled in addition to New Jersey’s Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health. BDH Management has developed and implements a department-wide a performance management system to continuously monitor all department functions and activities for effectiveness. Part of this effective management includes the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan, Community Health Improvement Plan and Quality Improvement Plan. All three plans include identified, time bound goals and objectives to achieve intended outcomes.

Additional Information

For questions on Administrative Services, please call the Health Department at 973-680-4024 or email the Health Department.